Destination Immigration Consultancy Ltd (Deson) is a Palmerston North based immigration advisory company. At Deson we have all the expertise and experience necessary to direct migrants to appropriate categories of migration to New Zealand, and to see them through to success.

Palmerston North is the seventh largest city in New Zealand with population of approximately 85,000. It is situated in the central North Island about 140 km from Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. One million people live within a two hour driving distance from Palmerston North. Palmerston North is branded as Knowledge City; the main campus of Massey University and the Universal College of Learning (UCOL) both offer tertiary studies leading to a degree. A number of Crown Research Institutes are also situated in Palmerston North. It is a popular city for overseas students to come to study and for migrants to live and raise a family. Deson has links to advisory services in other cities in New Zealand, for migrants who need local services.

Deson was established in 1996 by Dr Steven Gong. Dr Gong arrived in New Zealand in 1988 from China as a visiting scientist to the Department of Industrial and Scientific Research (the DISR, now a Crown Research Institute). His research at the DISR and study at Massey University culminated in a PhD from Massey University in 1994. A one year post-doctoral research fellowship at the Ministry of Science and Technology of Japan followed, and he returned to New Zealand in 1995. Dr Gong is a pioneering immigration advisor and was licensed by the New Zealand Government in 2008 (License No: 200800553) before the Immigration Advisors Act 2007 came into effect in May 2009.

A successful and satisfied migrant himself, and still with strong ties and networks in Asia, Dr Gong saw an opportunity to help Asian people realise their goal to migrate to New Zealand, and achieve success. His personal success as a migrant, his understanding of New Zealand, and his extensive networks in the Asian market being apparent, he took the opportunity to set up a sole practice immigration consultancy business, Deson Co Ltd in 1996, the predecessor to Destination Immigration Consultancy Ltd (Deson) which was formed in 2001.

Dr Gong immediately gained a reputation for timeliness, thoroughness, integrity, sound knowledge and a unique understanding of the complex rules and procedures involved in migrating to New Zealand. The special business migration policy was introduced in 1998, and Dr Gong’s success in business himself, enabled him to achieve prominence quickly, as one of a very few agents assisting business migrants. Despite the complicated procedures involved, he achieved a high success rate and his business expanded. New Zealand Government policy for business migrants changed radically in November 2002, but Dr Gong was able to capitalise on his experience in working with Immigration New Zealand (INZ) for business migrants to make the most of the changes. In addition, by this time, Deson was well established, and had recruited staff with expertise in all areas of migration policy and practice

Deson offers services primarily to people wanting to immigrate to New Zealand from China, and provides advice and assistance with the procedures required for the full range of immigration matters. Temporary visas including visitor, work and student visas, and residence visas in all categories, are all catered for, depending on the needs and attributes of clients. Deson aims to provide a high quality, professional service at all times, to ensure clients have the best possible chance to achieve their immigration goals.

Deson works in conjunction with a range of highly qualified and experienced specialist practitioners in the legal and other professions to ensure that the advice provided by Deson is backed by high quality information and in-depth knowledge, and covers the full range of expertise required.

Deson has always believed that the best and most effective way to be successful in business, is to rely on successful and satisfied clients generating word-of-mouth referrals. The results of this strategy speak for themselves

Deson can help you resolve any issues that you might face in your desire to stay in New Zealand legally, either temporarily or permanently. Deson does not offer advice on refugee applications, but can direct migrants to relevant and competent specialists in the refugee area.

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