Business Residence Visas

New Zealand Government first introduced a business migration policy in 1998. There were there categories of residence visa: Investor, Long Term Business and Entrepreneur. Dr Gong was a pioneer in business migration and helped many Chinese applicants come to New Zealand establish a successful business, gain residence, and eventually become citizens. In 2002, the introduction of a stringent English requirement excluded most of Chinese business applicants, but by this time Deson had built up a unique expertise in all aspects of business in New Zealand. In particular, Dr Gong had gained a reputation for an outstanding success rate, for timeliness, for thoroughness, and for a unique understanding of the complex rules and procedures involved in business migration.Many applicants have benefited from Dr Gong’s experience and his updated skills and knowledge of business migration.

Business migration residence visa involves the following categories:
• Investor residence visa
• Entrepreneur work visa
• Entrepreneur residence visa