Our Team

Dr Steven Yaoming Gong,PhD (Plant Science,Massey University)

Principal of Destination Immigration Consultancy Limited.
Immigration Adviser since 1996.
Licenced Immigration Adviser since 2009
Graduated Master in 1984 at University of Inner Mongolia, Peoples Republic of China.
Graduated PhD at Massey University, New Zealand in 1994.

Dr Steven Gong arrived in New Zealand in 1988 from China as a visiting scientist to the Department of Industrial and Scientific Research (the DISR, now a Crown Research Institute). His research at the DISR and study at Massey University culminated in a PhD from Massey University in 1994. A one year post-doctoral research fellowship at the Ministry of Science and Technology of Japan followed, and he returned to New Zealand in 1995.

A successful and satisfied migrant himself, and still with strong ties and networks in Asia, Dr Gong saw an opportunity to help Asian people realize their goal to migrate to New Zealand, and achieve success. His personal success as a migrant, his understanding of New Zealand, and his extensive networks in the Asian market being apparent, he took the opportunity to set up a sole practice immigration consultancy business, Deson Co Ltd in 1996, the predecessor of Destination Immigration Consultancy Ltd (Deson) formed in 2001.

Dr Gong immediately gained a reputation for timeliness, thoroughness, and a unique understanding of the complex rules and procedures involved in migrating to New Zealand, and his business thrived. The special business migration policy was introduced in 1998, and Dr Gong’s success in business himself enabled him to achieve prominence quickly, as one of a very few agents assisting business migrants. Despite the complicated procedures involved, he achieved a high success rate and his business expanded. The introduction, in November 2002, of a capricious English requirement for business migrants had a profound effect on this category of migrant, but by this time Deson was well established with expertise in all areas of migration*. 

Deson expanded further, and continues to offer the full range of immigration advisory services to migrants. With the assistance of an associate, Dr Tony Lewis, business analyst and marketing expert, and a staff of 5 full timers, Dr Gong has also been actively involved in identifying and facilitating the development of business and investment opportunities for Chinese migrant investors in New Zealand. Through the Long Term Business Visa, now replaced by the Entrepreneur Work Visa, and the Entrepreneur Residence Visa, Dr Gong has successfully assisted many business migrants invest in or establish businesses, and settle in New Zealand. For many migrants, the initial stage is to gain an offshore or onshore work visa, and there are many work and residence visa holders in New Zealand who have reason to be grateful for Dr Gong’s depth of knowledge, integrity, business contacts, and immigration application expertise to start them, and see them through the whole process from work visa application to residence. As word-of-mouth appreciation of Deson’s services gathered pace, so has Deson’s client network expanded.

Dr Gong also has a thriving business providing advice, and assisting international graduates reach their education and career goals. International students with the right qualifications, who wish to apply for residence visas on completion of their tertiary studies, find that under the Skilled Migration Category, they can make a number of choices in line with their ambitions. Dr Gong can provide advice and assistance at every point on a student’s path from acceptance as a student, to assessing employment suitability, and eventually to gaining residence. As in the work visa area, the student visa process often begins with offshore applications, and here Dr Gong has great depth of experience and expertise. 

Dr Gong has always believed that the best and most effective way to be successful in business, is to rely on successful and satisfied clients generating word-of-mouth referrals. The results of this strategy speak for themselves. 

Dr Gong does not advise on refugee applications, but can refer refugees to practitioners who can help.

Phone: +64 6 356 1868
Email: Steven@deson.co.nz

Ling DONG LLM, GCert Economics, Bachelor of Arts 

Licensed Immigration Advisor (License No. 201201022)

Ling is qualified and experienced in all business migration categories (investor, entrepreneur work and residence visas, accredited employer classes), skilled migration residence, work, student and visitor visa applications

She is experienced and has expertise in small and medium sized business and organisation consultancy services, and in immigration matters, especially for the catering industry.
Ling joined the Deson team in June 2010 and became a Licensed Adviser in 2012. Ling is experienced in dealing with complicated visa applications and is dedicated to satisfying our clients with all their immigration and business management needs. With her professional guidance and responsible assistance, our clients’ journey to residency and success is destined to be smooth and stress-less.

Phone: +64 6 356 1869
Email: ling.dong@deson.co.nz

Lu Chen -Bachelor of Business English, Graduate Diploma in New Zealand Immigration Advice

Licensed Immigration Advisor (License No: 201700182)

Lu Chen graduated from Shandong University of Finance and Economics, China, with a Bachelor of Business English. She came to New Zealand on a student visa in June,2008, and qualified with a Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education one year after. This diploma is a highly regarded, and uniquely challenging qualification, especially for international students, for whom English is a second language.

She then decided that her real interest lay in helping people immigrate to New Zealand. Following having completed a Graduate Diploma in New Zealand Immigration Advice in 2016, Chen Lu became a Licensed Immigration advisor in 2017.

Chen’s approach is professional, thorough and effective, and she has successfully guided many international students to obtain student visas. She follows up to enable applicants to obtain work and residence visas, under categories appropriate to their qualifications and preferences.

She knows through her own experience, and from her studies, how difficult it is, and how important it is for prospective immigrants to get the right advice, as they begin their journey through the NZ immigration legislation and requirements. She dedicates her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to assist each and every client to obtain visas that allowed them to study and work in New Zealand, and eventually to apply for residence visas successfully. More importantly, she also understands that each application is unique and comes with its own complications. Almost anything possible she thinks, given the right advice. Her professionalism, patience and high success rate, and good reputation in the field, should give clients the confidence they need, to ensure success.

Chen Lu joined Destination Immigration Consultancy Ltd in early 2020.

Phone: +64 9 478 8666
Email: lu.chen@deson.co.nz

Yutian Liu-- Master of Management, Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Diploma in New Zealand Immigration Advice 

Licensed Immigration Advisor (License No:201900137)

Yutian Liu arrived in Auckland, New Zealand in 2009, as an international student. He graduated Bachelor of Arts from Unitec Institute of Technology in June 2010, and in April 2016 graduated from Massey University with a Master of Management.

Yutian began his career in management in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. He managed, and latterly became the owner/operator of two highly successful Chinese restaurants for more than 10 years.

He successfully completed a Graduate Diploma in New Zealand Immigration Advice in 2018, and became a licensed adviser in February 2019. Yutian moved from Wellington to Auckland and joined the Auckland office of Destination Immigration Consultancy Ltd (Deson) in early 2020. Although now an employee of Deson, he has retained his position of Director of the restaurant companies of Wellington.

Yutian's qualifications and subsequent immigration advisory study and experience, coupled with his more than 10 years in business establishment and operation management, has allowed him to gain in-depth knowledge of both business management, and of immigration policy. He is well versed in New Zealand business systems and regulations, relating to both business practice, and to immigration. He is on the unique position of being able to provide advice in both business management and in immigration matters.

Yutian has himself, experienced the challenges confronting a migrant wishing to obtain a visa to come to New Zealand under various immigration categories, to study in a New Zealand university, to pursue employment and to obtain work visas, and to apply what he has learned. He knows what it takes to become a permanent resident, to get a rewarding job in the immigrants’ that is satisfying and rewarding.

Yutian has experienced profoundly, the difficulty of being a migrant, and understands the importance of receiving valuable, honest, and highly professional advice. He has had, and is grateful for, the assistance from highly regarded professional licensed immigration advisers during this long and sometimes frustrating period. Working at Destination Immigration Consultancy Ltd, Yutian can help people with goals to eliminate barriers, and achieve success.

Phone: +64 9 478 8666
Email: yutian.liu@deson.co.nz

Jenelle Huang - Master of Business Management

Business consultant 

Jenelle joined Destination Immigration Consultancy Limited (Deson) in February 2018 and quickly became a valued member of our team.

Jenelle has a Master of Business Management from Waikato University, and experience in business administration; she is well qualified as a business management consultant, with good knowledge of the requirements for prospective immigrants.

Prior to joining Deson, Jenelle worked in the food industry, and her business background, together with her qualification, sound knowledge of the food business operation, evident customer focus, dedication to our clients, has enabled her to get the best outcome for our clients.

Jenelle provides an important link between clients and the director, immigration advisors and other consultants at Deson.

The initiation of marketing strategies for the company and for clients is also important component of her duties. With exceptional skills in communication, and being fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English, Jenelle has an outstanding ability to develop collaborative relationships with clients on behalf of Deson. Deson would encourage clients to make good use of her skills in food business, and in communication.

Phone: +64 6 356 1869
Email: Jenelle.huang@deson.co.nz

Xuhui (Andy) Lu—Bachelor of Economics, Graduate Diploma of Applied Business Management in Event

Program Administrator

Andy Lu, rigorous to himself and efficient on work, he has extensive economic and information technology knowledge, and possesses deep understanding of the integration application of modern information technology and marketing promotion strategies.

Andy used to work in China's largest trade promotion agency and possesses extensive experience in marketing and event planning, execution and management. During his tenure as a marketing and event organising specialist for China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT-Beijing Branch), being acute to market insights, he always focused on the latest economy and trade hotspots, and effectively planned and implemented plenty of marketing promotion projects and business exchange activities, which effectively facilitate companies to strengthen the abilities in macro-economic policies understanding, network establishing, and market expanding. All of these have achieved satisfactory results and brought various benefits to the continuing development of the companies.

Andy joined Destination Immigration Consultancy in April 2019. Having been working as marketing officer for more than one year, in order to enhance business operation effects and reflect the market variation, Andy's post tasks have been mainly shifted to the program administration, to be responsible for Deson’s service and especially the study cooperation programs' marketing, coordinating and delivering. 

His innovative and resourceful input have been definitely making outstanding contributions to the company in the ranges of enhancing market awareness, expanding programs recognition and winning more customers' praise.

Phone: +64 6 356 1869
Email: andy.lu@deson.co.nz

Sean Bu – Diploma in Business Studies (Accounting Management,UCOL) 

Accountant and Administrator 

Sean joined Deson in April 2016. Sean has sound business operating skills and knowledge covering a diverse range of industries. He is level-headed and is a confident and skilled communicator at all levels. Having exceptional skills in communication, and being fluent in Mandarin and English, Sean has an outstanding ability to develop collaborative relationships, with both clients and staff.

• Conducts preliminary discussions of the client’s needs, answers their questions and provides case summaries for the Director, and the licensed advisors and business consultants

,• Maintains Deson’s accounts, ensures that proper accounting practices are followed, maintains daily accounting records, and undertakes bank reconciliations.

Phone: +64 6 356 1869
Email: Sean.bu@deson.co.nz