Student visa

Education is New Zealand’s the fourth largest export industry. The New Zealand government’s education policies, and the institutions that implement the policies, are well established, reliable and independently monitored. Schools, universities, technical institutes and trades training establishments are all recruiting students from overseas.

Deson caters for two categories of student visa applications:

(1) Deson can provide or facilitate students intending to come to New Zealand to study with:
• Assistance to choose a teaching institution, and a suitable course to follow or qualification to gain. – To enable students to pursue a career or reach the educational goals they have set themselves;
• Assistance with the preparation of application for a student visa from Immigration New Zealand offshore branches.– This can be frustrating and problematic experience without professional advice;
• Pastoral care and follow-up service after arrival.– Knowing that that their children have adequate support while living and studying in New Zealand which will provide a safe study environment for the students, and peace-of-mind for parents;
• Regular contact and liaison with the teaching institution of choice.– It is extremely important for students and their parents to know how they are progressing with their studies and with their integration into New Zealand society. Problems that are identified and addressed early are problems that can be solved.

(2) Deson can help students who are already in New Zealand with:
• Student visa extension; in many cases the original visa will require extension or modification of conditions to allow for changing circumstances;
• Study course modification; it is common for students to realise that their initial preference was misplaced or has changed, both with regard to their course and to the institution. Extensive negotiations are often necessary and we have the contacts are experienced in achieving a favourable outcome.

Deson have been working very closely with the principal of International Student Education New Zealand (ISENZ) (link to for student enrollment and pastoral care service, and we have found that all our student clients have benefited from the expertise and experience of the principal of ISENZ within the education industry.